Great article and delicious recipe

I read this article about raising resilient children. I do not have children, but I really enjoyed it because it helped me to see ways I could improve myself both for myself and for my future children. One thing it talks about is the plague of perfectionism and the misunderstanding of the commandment to be perfect. I have been learning a lot about this lately and never knew that it was not a good thing about myself until recently. Now, don’t get the wrong idea- I’m not this tightly-wound everything has to be perfect type of person- I am very laid back when it comes to pretty much everything else, however, I have very high expectations and standards for myself which reaches into everything- it reaches into my schooling, running, exercising, eating, spiritual life, etc. Anyway, I think this is pretty normal- I think we all have pretty high expectations for ourselves in some area or another, but I just feel like I have learned a lot lately- I have learned that it is ok that I am not perfect and to continue to progress but embrace my vulnerabilities.

Anyway, thought that was cool- on a much more random and shallow note…I have been so busy this whole semester- I am telling you- the past two semesters have been cra-zy, but, once again, they have taught me to embrace my imperfectness 😉 So, this week I finally felt good enough to run and let me tell you, it was one of the happiest days!!! I LOVE RUNNING!!!! I seriously love absolutely everything about it- I love that all you need is a body that works well (which is a ginormous blessing in and of itself), I love that it’s “me” time- no one can come up and try to start a convo because, well, that would be strange. Anyway, lastly but the best part of it all is all those endorphins!!! I feel like I am a pretty happy person normally, but these endorphins just make me ecstatic and even more happy to be alive. I never want to take a break from running ever again and it just made me feel so blessed for everything even down to having limbs and muscles that function properly, the ability to view the body as a blessing to get things accomplished, rather than a burden that has to fit some ideal body image- anyway, random tangent that was obviously expressed in my blog title #Iloverunning.

Lastly, this delicious recipe. Not healthy at all but if you just really are in need of sugary happiness that will clog your arteries but make you ridiculously happy while doing so, this is the recipe people. Ok, so we made these vanilla crepes with this recipe for the nutmeg vanilla sauce and filled them with Nutella. It was incredibly divine. Word to the wise though- thicken, does not mean turn up high (my beloved friend made this mistake and we ended up with some pretty tasty scrambled eggs  and had to start over- the amount of laughter that resulted though, made it totally worth it though) Here is a picture so you can share in our entertainment… 🙂



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