Great article and delicious recipe

I read this article about raising resilient children. I do not have children, but I really enjoyed it because it helped me to see ways I could improve myself both for myself and for my future children. One thing it talks about is the plague of perfectionism and the misunderstanding of the commandment to be perfect. I have been learning a lot about this lately and never knew that it was not a good thing about myself until recently. Now, don’t get the wrong idea- I’m not this tightly-wound everything has to be perfect type of person- I am very laid back when it comes to pretty much everything else, however, I have very high expectations and standards for myself which reaches into everything- it reaches into my schooling, running, exercising, eating, spiritual life, etc. Anyway, I think this is pretty normal- I think we all have pretty high expectations for ourselves in some area or another, but I just feel like I have learned a lot lately- I have learned that it is ok that I am not perfect and to continue to progress but embrace my vulnerabilities.

Anyway, thought that was cool- on a much more random and shallow note…I have been so busy this whole semester- I am telling you- the past two semesters have been cra-zy, but, once again, they have taught me to embrace my imperfectness 😉 So, this week I finally felt good enough to run and let me tell you, it was one of the happiest days!!! I LOVE RUNNING!!!! I seriously love absolutely everything about it- I love that all you need is a body that works well (which is a ginormous blessing in and of itself), I love that it’s “me” time- no one can come up and try to start a convo because, well, that would be strange. Anyway, lastly but the best part of it all is all those endorphins!!! I feel like I am a pretty happy person normally, but these endorphins just make me ecstatic and even more happy to be alive. I never want to take a break from running ever again and it just made me feel so blessed for everything even down to having limbs and muscles that function properly, the ability to view the body as a blessing to get things accomplished, rather than a burden that has to fit some ideal body image- anyway, random tangent that was obviously expressed in my blog title #Iloverunning.

Lastly, this delicious recipe. Not healthy at all but if you just really are in need of sugary happiness that will clog your arteries but make you ridiculously happy while doing so, this is the recipe people. Ok, so we made these vanilla crepes with this recipe for the nutmeg vanilla sauce and filled them with Nutella. It was incredibly divine. Word to the wise though- thicken, does not mean turn up high (my beloved friend made this mistake and we ended up with some pretty tasty scrambled eggs  and had to start over- the amount of laughter that resulted though, made it totally worth it though) Here is a picture so you can share in our entertainment… 🙂



Feta Asparagus Quiche

Ok, so I LOVE quiche, but I am a very busy college student working a little over part time currently and attempting at a social life. Needless to say, I do not have a lot of time to add whipping up a quiche to my morning ritual of gym, scripture study, and 9 am class!! I decided to make quiche ahead so I could have some scrumptious breakfast to dream about and run to in the morning (don’t judge my breakfast obsession)- anyway, I made this quiche and instead of half and half I put buttermilk and for the sour cream I used this organic, cultured sour cream and it was delicious!!! Also, this recipe is crustless, so I used this recipe for the crust and used the Namaste gluten-free flour instead of the gluten-free flour they suggest. Anyway, because I used this, there wasn’t room for all of the quiche batter to fit in the pie tin, so I put them in muffin tins to make some baby quiches- anyway, it was delicious. Enjoy!!!


delectable brownies

So I made these scrumptious brownies and let me tell you…they were phenomenal. I was going to take a picture, but then I kept forgetting and ate them all. Oops. Anyway, pretty sure they fall top on my list of favorite brownies…. So, there you have it folks- there is the recipe. Also, if you need to make it gluten-free, I used the “Namaste Foods perfect blend” gluten free flour, and then I didn’t have chocolate chips and so I used white chocolate chips instead and it was amazing!!! Usually I don’t even like white chocolate chips but I LOVED these babies!! FYI, they are also quite delicious if you put them in the freezer and then microwave them for just a little bit (enough so they are still cold but not so frozen that they will break your tooth because they are rock hard). I also ate these for breakfast and they made my whole day happy (wait did I say breakfast??? I totally meant dessert ;)…)

Being Detached

One of my biggest pet-peeves is when people use their phone or other distractions while with others. I feel very strongly about this. I know for guys it is a little different, but as a girl, I try to leave my phone at home whenever I am with others (unless someone will need to be contacting me that I know of). I think it is also important to not walk with headphones in my ears, because this way I can make eye contact and pay attention to the people I am passing and try to smile and say something nice. One of my friend’s mothers said something I really like. She told her daughter, “you are never present!” I loved this!! I want to always be present- be with the people I am with and help them feel listened to and cared about- I think this is one of the most important gifts we can give to others. I read this talk today about this that I really loved. One of my goals for this new year will be to be more present, and to not always be attached to media (as I am typing on social media 😉 ) and BE PRESENT!!! I want people to know they are loved and cared about.


First post!!

Wahoo!!! Welcome to my new blog! Unfortunately I am a little less tech savvy than pretty much everyone on the planet under the age of 60, so it may be a while until my blog looks cute but I figured I might as well start posting on it 🙂

So, if you have read my old blog, you know that I am not the most consistent of bloggers, but oh well- it’s my blog so I do what I want right?? 😉 For those of you who have not read my old blog, I’m Christianne- as you could guess from my blog title a couple of my hobbies are running and cooking. I LOVE TO RUN AND COOK!!!! I also really love dance, music, trying to learn guitar, my religion, friends, and school. I am currently a Senior in college majoring in American Studies and oh, do I love it!!

So, the main reason I started this blog is because I have lots of random things to say about cooking and running, but it didn’t seem to fit into the layout of my old blog, so I started a new one 🙂 On Pinterest I have an embarrassing amount of food pins because well, I love food and to cook- so I decided I will post anytime I try one of the recipes I have pinned and do a review of it- this way, I can make sure my pinterest account is always full of new stuff to try (and will hopefully not be so crowded).

Now, for running- why am I obsessed? When I was little I could barely run at all- we’re talking no physical stamina people. However, I saw how much my Dad ran and I was most definitely a daddy’s girl- also, my beautiful twin aunts came out to visit and I remember us all heading out on a run and being so impressed with them. I decided I would become a runner- so, I started to do little courses just around my house, and then one day I decided, no! This is mental- if I want to run long distances, I can and I will!! So, I started running 5 miles at least 3 times a week. Then, by the time I was 12, I was set on the idea that I wanted to run a marathon.

Somehow, life happened and I never really did- I’ve always been a dreamer but never been great at making my dreams come true. Finally, in high school, my Dad let me sign up for a marathon- I had been running about 8 miles a day and I got runners knee in one knee and had IT band pain in the other- I decided to push through it- this ended in me limping to my friend’s house and asking for a ride home. I was heartbroken. Finally when I got to college I realized marathon was always going to be on my bucket list. I started attending a cycling class at Gold’s Gym and a girl named Janae taught the cycling class- she would run massive distances on the treadmill then hop over and teach cycling like it was nothing. This made me realize that I was capable of much more than I was trying for. So, I signed up, I trained, and I ran my first marathon!



I am now hooked. I did one the next summer and a half this past October will continue running my whole life!! My latest goals are to qualify for Boston and to do a triathalon!! Though lots of my blog will be running and food, a large part will also just be the random ramblings of myself! Enjoy! 🙂